Brașov Art Museum (November 4 - December 4, 2022) - Curator Dr. Radu Popică

Surrealist painting

“Mr. Mihai Mohaci’s painting is among the milestones of personal searches reminiscent of Fauvism and interesting trends of post-expressionism. This gives a special and personal touch, which is beneficial in your artistic endeavour. They are images with a strong impact on the viewer, but they are also images with a particularly vibrant poetic candor. I appreciate the courage so necessary for an artist and, equally, his sensitivity,” said the artist Gabriel Stan.

Regina Maria Municipal Museum, Iasi (1 October - 31 October 2023) - Dan Hatmanu Gallery - Curator Dr. Mihai Covaliuc

“From Politics to Painting” – the exhibition “Surrealist Painting” signed by Mihai Mohaci from Brasov, starting on October 2, 2023, at the “Dan Hatmanu” Galleries – Pasaj Hala Central – “Regina Maria” Municipal Museum.

A special cultural moment, starting from Monday, October 2 (and until the 31) 2023 (vernissage from 17.00, at the “Dan Hatmanu” Galleries – Pasaj Hala Centrală, curated by Dr. Mihai Covaliuc), under the auspices of the Municipal Museum “Regia Maria” Iasi! “From Politics to Painting” – Mihai Mohaci, an art enthusiast from Brasov, arrives on the streets of Iași with a series of exciting and special pictorial creations in the surrealist register!

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